The UK Tarot Conference

From an idea in 2003 to bring Tarot in to the mainstream, I never could have imagined how creating the UK Tarot Conference would change my life and in turn shine a beacon of positive light on the Tarot.
At my conferences, lifelong friendships have been made, Tarot study and understanding has been catapulted to the stratosphere thanks to our amazing teachers. I have delighted in watching talented attendees sign publication deals through networking at my events and been privileged to witness the subsequent launch of many new decks and publications.
Over the last 17 years speakers and attendees have joined us from every corner of the globe. The Tarot community is thriving. Tarot is now being taken more seriously than ever before as we explore its roots and understand the creative minds behind developing this amazing ancient tool.
Now we start a new chapter as we embrace the virtual world, and our focus always centres on the development of Tarot as it moves through the decades, we embrace the changes from old to new creative ideas as Tarot moves with the times but still keeping its mystery and roots.
Thank you everyone who has been involved over the years, it’s been a blast, can’t wait for the next 17! My conference welcomes you all.

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Address: UK,London
Phone: TBC
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