The Leveraging Genius Conference

The Leveraging Genius Conference features executives, leaders and their unique Genius, their personal source code for producing remarkable achievements, to identify the exact thinking behind their most successful results. They learn to identify and utilise in a way that can be repeatedly used the power of their own and other geniuses.

Event Contact
Address: Carlsbad, USA
Phone: TBC
1. Business Services 2. Education & Training
Gap International is an international performance consulting company which works with its management and organisations in an ever-changing marketplace to produce extraordinary business results. The unique approach of Gap International focuses on changing attitudes and changing performance while growing businesses. Gap International consults individuals, teams and organisations using proprietary methods based on the relationship between thinking and performance to disrupt existing paradigms and past assumptions that keep their performance on current levels. If leaders understand and unlock extraordinary ideas, unpredictable and repeatable growth is not serendipitous.
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