Textile Digital Printing China

DS Printech China is the strategic sponsoring of the booming domestic digital printing market for the three major sponsors. The exhibition will enable existing and new customers to take advantage of the new exhibition period, location and the unique and professional exhibition experience of the co-organizer. Approximately 600 exhibitors with a display area of 40,000 square metres are expected to participate in the fair. The three big brands combined to refresh trade show records and really to become the brand event for the global screen printing and digital printing sector.

Event Contact
Address: Shanghai, China
Phone: TBC
Email: lixiaoyan@csgia.org
1. Packing & Packaging 2. Electric & Electronics
In Chaoyang district in China is located the China Screenprinting and Graphic Image Associative or CSGIA in short. It was created in 1981 and represents China's screen printing and graphics industry as a profitable organisation. They serve as the outlets for the profession's workers and reinforce the difficulties they face. It is also supported by the Government of China. It is an association. This organisation provides a great platform for printers, manufacturers and sellers to meet, discuss and find solutions to their problems.The people who study printing are also part of this organisation, which imparts innovative techniques to employees. The proud organisers of The Annual Screen Printing and Digital Printing Show are led by President Pei Guifan.
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