TestFest Singapore

The TestFest is a series of software testing mini conferences coming up in UK, South Africa, Australia, Philippines, Brazil, Singapore & India with 8 hours of live amazing sessions distributed over 2 days, so you get time to sink into the learnings and reflect upon it without much affecting your work schedule. The first version was successfully executed in USA on 10-11 December. Take a look here.The TestFest will bring together hundreds of experienced like-minded people, who seek to improve their skills to fit new market requirements and stay tuned with the latest trends! The summit will provide an excellent platform to keep up-to-date with the latest industry trends, exchange experiences, discuss and deliberate ideas and benefit from networking opportunities.

Event Contact
Address: TBC
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Email: contact@clavent.com
1. Software Testing2. Big Data3. Analytics4. Innovation5. Digital6. Blockchain7. Consulting8. Test Automation9. Conferences
At Clavent, we believe our lives are a collection of experiences, Let's help you make them extraordinary. Our group of seasoned professionals understand that major breakthroughs are only as good as the disciplines supporting them. Hence at Clavent Events we believe that there is a sublime connection between the mastery of a domain and the ability to inspire. We therefore gather only the best of minds to share, discuss and explore the latest industry trends and developments. At Clavent, we personally ensure that each event is tailored to your needs .From keynote talks to hands-on workshops, our summits aspire to be a prime platform for professionals to exchange ideas, their thoughts and learning to be noticed among the crowd. We organize summits across the cutting edge technologies in IT on Software Testing, Big Data, Analytics, Innovation, Digital Marketing, Blockchain, etc We trudge the extra mile so that clients benefit from our market leading research, unique insight and unsurpassed peer networking and most importantly we strive to create a sense of lasting astonishment that ensues a new learning paradigm.
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