Technology Universe – International Conference

An event focusing on showcasing new technological advances, cyber security, tech products, among many other topics.Acerca deste eventoTechnology Universe provides people around the world the opportunity learn about the most exciting new technologies in different fields, from the most remarkable world leaders. Our goal is to reduce the “fear factor” sometimes associated with technology, and focus on the societal benefits associated with the proper use of technology.It is our mission not only to educate people all around the globe on the amazing benefits of technology. We all use technology on a daily basis and there are numerous advantages of proper adoption of modern technologies, including: Easy Access To Information, encouragement of innovation and creativity, easier mobility, improved housing and lifestyle, improves efficiency and productivity in the workplace, impacts social networking, improves healthcare and education.

Event Contact
Address: Berkeley, California
Phone: TBC
1. Business management 2. Education 3. Conferences 4. Technology
Technology Universe international conference is an event focusing on showcasing new technological advances and tech products, among other topics.
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