Subcontracting Summit

Subcontracting has its ups and downs. Prime contractors can throw curve balls at you. And your own subcontractors can present challenges. We’ve got just the information you need. In January, PCI’s Subcontracting Summit, a nine-part series of 75-minute virtual webinars beginning with Cy Alba, Tim Sullivan, and Bill Walter, and special guests, will be available to you for free.

We invite you and your colleagues to join us for a nine-part series in which our expert faculty explains virtually every aspect of the subcontracting process through real-world case studies.

Every month, our instructors will provide you with real-life answers and guidance, whether you are a prime contractor preparing subcontracting plans or dealing with subcontracting plan audits, or a subcontractor losing work share or not being paid. Additionally, you’ll learn how smart contractors have dealt with various subcontracting challenges, including how one side views it. You’ll gain a better understanding of the Federal government’s role in the process, despite its attempts to remain out of it.

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