Sponsorship Mastery Summit

A hands-on learning experience for sponsorship marketers who want to master the art and science of sponsorship. It’s more important than ever for sponsorship marketers to make the link between tried-and-true strategies and real-world challenges.
Boost sponsorship income
Make stronger alliances
Increase the number of outcomes
Through this series, you’ll learn from industry experts, walk away with tools you can use right away, and make valuable connections.

Event Contact
Address: Seattle, USA
Phone: TBC
Email: alexandra@sponsorshipmastery.com
Business Services
Our name originates from the 15th century caravel ship, whose speed and agility earned it the esteemed reputation as the best sailing vessel of its time. CEO Paula Beadle is in charge of Caravel. Paula, a self-described sponsorship geek, has worked on both sides of the sponsorship table for decades. She's closed major industry deals, established a strong reputation through a diverse network of contacts, and devised winning strategies and methodologies that consistently deliver results for our diverse client base. The sponsorship experts at Caravel are cutting-edge! They have in-depth knowledge of many local, regional, and national companies' and properties' sponsorship initiatives. They help Caravel clients take advantage of the benefits of sponsorship marketing by applying their knowledge of industry standards and trends, sponsorship buying and selling experience, the most up-to-date industry research, and a large network to ensure that every project exceeds expectations.
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