Shanghai International Oral Care Expo

Shanghai International Oral Care Expo(PCE Oral Care Expo) is sponsored by China Oral Care Industry Association. It has been successfully held for three consecutive years and the scale has the fission growth year by year. PCE Oral Care Expo has become a professional event in the industry.
As the focus of the global market of oral care products, China’s oral care products industry is in a leading position in the word. China is not only the biggest consumer of the world, but also the largest producer.
In order to meet the needs of more exhibitors, the 4th Shanghai International Oral Care Expo 2021 will be held with Shanghai International Personal Care Expo at Shanghai New International Expo Center on Aug 5 to 7,2021, and the exhibition will double in size.
PCE Oral Care Expo is closely related to the development trend of the market, and several forums will be held at the same time. Relying on Shanghai’s rich innovation resources and geographical advantages will help enterprises to expand export and domestic sales channels more effectively.

Event Contact
Address: Shanghai New International Expo Center (2345 Longyang Road)
Phone: TBC
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