School of Healing (Digital Event)

This year, based around the first year syllabus we are going back to basics to renew our connection with the ministry of Jesus. As well as picking up a theme fundamental to the practice of Christian Healing, we will be adding some insights from the lives of those we looked at in the second year syllabus to ground the teaching.

As well as all that, there will an opportunity for a 15 minute appointment for personal prayer for healing, and no Acorn ministry training event would be complete without an ‘And now!’ To help you take your learning further.There is no required commitment to attend all sessions. Just join us for the ones you can.

Event Contact
Address: TBC
Phone: TBC
Healing and Wholeness
Acorn Christian Healing Foundation delivers Healing and Wholeness to individuals and communities.Acorn remains engaged in, and committed to being a transformative agent in today's multifaceted society. Our events are divided into three main pathways of learning.
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