Rural Water Association Of Utah Annual Conference

The Rural Water Association of Utah is Utah’s representative to the National Rural Water Association, the nation’s largest utility association. RWAU is dedicated to promoting the success of rural water and wastewater systems throughout the state. We provide ongoing training and resources to our members to continually improve the industry. Today, our organization continues to grow as we remain committed to providing the most relevant resources to our members.

Event Contact
Address: Dixie Convention Center, St. George, USA
1. Business Services 2. Education & Training 3. Environment & Waste
The Rural Water Association of Utah (RWAU) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the development of water-related services in Utah. It is linked to giving training, representation, and assistance to members of the water and wastewater industry in order to help them enhance the quality of services they provide. It also provides water management workers with online training. This group also offers emergency assistance for keeping a functioning wastewater system up and running. Gary Larsen now serves as President of the organization's Board of Directors. Its headquarters are in Alpine, Utah, and it routinely hosts seminars and conferences aimed at improving the water management system. The Annual Conference, which attracts a huge number of attendees, is one of the most important conferences that it organises.
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