Robotics Symposia

Robotics Symposium has been held individually in the past, “Intelligent Mobile Robot Symposium (co-sponsored by RSJ, JSME, SICE)”, “Robotics Automation System Symposium (sponsored by SICE)”, “Robot Symposium (sponsored by RSJ)”, ” “Robot Sensor Symposium (co-sponsored by RSJ, JSME, SICE)” is an integrated symposium.
The purpose of this symposia is to promote the exchange of research and information across academic societies among researchers who are widely involved in robotics-related research, and to form a forum for high-level discussions above all.

Event Contact
Address: Yokohama, Japan
Phone: TBC
1. IT & Technology
Toyama Prefectural University, located in Imizu, Toyama, Japan, is a public university. The school's predecessor was established in 1962 and was granted university status in 1990.
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