Risk Emea

Risk EMEA provides attendees with an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded professionals and discuss new regulations as well as industry-wide risk challenges and best practises. Senior vendor, supplier, and procurement professionals from a variety of institutions will share their first-hand experiences with attendees and their colleagues.

Event Contact
Address: London, UK
Phone: TBC
Email: james@cefpro.com
1. Industrial Engineering 2. Science & Research 3. Business Services 4. Education & Training 5. Logistics & Transportation 6. Wellness, Health & Fitness 7. Banking & Finance 8. IT & Technology
The Center for Financial Professionals is a meeting place for those in the financial industry. They organise national and international conferences, as well as thought-leadership articles, webinars, presentations, and interviews with industry experts. The organisation is committed to advancing professional financial and risk standards through innovation. Primary market research conducted by leading industry professionals and academics around the world will provide you with the knowledge and expertise you need to advance your industry knowledge and expertise. For all events, they conduct extensive market research to ensure unbiased and content-rich programming. Furthermore, these programmes are highly targeted and effective in meeting the needs of the participants.
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