Refrigerated Foods Associations Annual Conference & Exhibition

The Annual Meeting & Exhibition of the Refrigerated Foods Associations is indispensable to keep up with current market trends, food safety regulations and techniques. Participate in the annual conference of the Refrigerated Food Association as we strive to advance and protect the refrigerated food industry.

Event Contact
Address: Ritz Carlton Resort, Amelia Island, FL, USA
Phone: TBC
1. Packing & Packaging 2. Industrial Engineering 3. Business Services 4. Food & Beverages 5. Wellness, Health & Fitness 6. IT & Technology 7. Home & Office
The refrigerated food association RFA is one of the leading professional associations exclusively dedicated to the refrigerated food industry in the whole of the U.S. Since its inception in 1980, it has been the former Salad Manufacturers Association. The organisation is based in Marietta Georgia, and its President Brian Edmonds leads this organisation on unprecedented highs. With a record number of companies engaged in the manufacture and supply of cooled and prepared foodstuffs such as desserts, soups salads and more, this organisation was at the front of initiating new development and development strategies throughout the country. This organisation will very soon organise the RFA fall symposium, which has been a great success.
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