POLFISH is the only one fair for the fish industry in Poland, and one of the largest ones in Europe. It will cover areas like fish and seafood products, dairy products, food products, machines and devices, packaging, cleaning, and disinfecting equipment and agents, etc.

Event Contact
Address: AMBEREXPO Exhibition and Congress Zaglowa 11 80-560 Gdansk Gdańsk, Poland
Phone: TBC
Email: monika.pain@mtgsa.com.pl
Exhibitions & Event
In the calendar of events organized by the Gdańsk International Fair they are highly valued in the industry specialized events, such as the International Fair of Amber, Jewelery and Gemstones AMBERIF, International Fair of Amber AMBERMART, International Railway Fair TRAKO, the International Fair of Technology and Equipment for the Police and National Security EUROPOLTECH, the BALT MILITARY EXPO Baltic Military Fair together with the NATCON Scientific and Technical Conference, the POLFISH International Trade Fair of Fish Processing and Fish Products .