Physician Wellness & Financial Literacy Virtual Conference

Each day of the conference will have live, interactive events. Our breakout session speakers will remain in their homes, but will still be available to answer questions from participants after their presentations. CME for physicians, medical professionals, and CE for dentists will be available pending approvals. That may allow you to use your employer-reserved CME funds to pay for it, and/or write it off as a business expense. Yes, I’ll be giving a live talk or two as well and we’ll get all of these folks onto some panels with the WCI Network bloggers and answer your personal finance, investing, and wellness questions as best we can. Most of the time, the number of breakout speakers we can have in the conference is limited by space, time, and frankly the expense of bringing them all out. Those limitations don’t apply nearly as much this year, so we have absolutely packed the conference full and overflowing with awesome content.

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1. Personal finance 2. Student loan management 3. Mortgages 4. Investing 5. Asset protection 6. Estate planning 7. Tax reduction
Investing and Personal Finance Advice for Physicians, Dentists, Their Trainees, and Other Busy Professionals
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