PHA Platform World Congress

Poly-Hydroxy-Alkanoates, also known as polyhydroxy fatty acids, are a type of biobased polyester. There are bacteria that store polyhydroxy alkanoates intracellularly, similar to how many mammals, including humans, store energy reserves in the form of body fat. Microorganisms here store a particularly high level of energy reserves (up to 80% of their own body weight) in case their food sources become scarce. PHB, PHV, PHBV, PHBH, and a variety of other Polyhydroxyalkanoates are examples. That is why we discuss the PHA platform.

Event Contact
Address: Maternushaus, Cologne, Germany
Phone: TBC
1. Packing & Packaging 2. Industrial Engineering 3. Science & Research 4. Business Services 5. Environment & Waste
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