PASA Sustainable Agriculture Conference

PASA Conference on Sustainable Agriculture features vendors and companies whose mission is to support professionals in sustainable agriculture. You can talk to seed companies, small equipment manufacturers, soil modification producers, marketing consultants, organically certified agents, feed producers, government agencies, scientists, and more and buy products or services from them. Farmers, houseowners, educators and other experts on food systems meet each February for four days in intensive food and farming learning at our annual Sustainable Agriculture Conference.

Event Contact
Address: Lancaster, PA, USA
Phone: TBC
1. Agriculture & Forestry 2. Business Services 3. Wellness, Health & Fitness
It came into existence in 1992, which was famously abbreviated as PASA. Its activity is aimed at promoting healthy food production without damaging the natural environment. The association encourages profitable farms through their various programmes and services to adopt a sustainable farming process. The events organised by the institution allow farmers and consumers interested in fresh, local and sustainable food to interact with their fellow farmers. The organisation manages its business from its main office in Millheim, led by Chairman person Jennifer Halpin. One of its major conferences was Farming for the Future held in 2013.
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