Pacific Telecommunications Council Annual Conference

It is a strategic springboard for the global communication industry and provides all participants with a three-day platform for planning, networking, and discovering what will bring the next year.

Event Contact
Address: Honolulu, Hawaii
Phone: TBC
1. Industrial Engineering 2. Telecommunication 3. Business Services 4. IT & Technology 5. Education & Training
The Pacific Telecommunications Council is a telecommunications and information sector promotional organisation. PTC is the company's acronym. It is an international organisation that helps its professionals and professionals to interact and to obtain meaningful and detailed industry-related news and information. Established in 1978, this non-profit, non-governmental organisation has been able to help professionals connect and communicate with one another ever since its inception. It facilitates the sharing of ideas and information and supports continuous research and training, which significantly contributes to the economic and social development of the sector. This organisation has Richard Taylor as its President and Chairman. This organisation is hosting and managing a Pan Telecommunications Council Conference and other conferences and seminars.
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