North Dakota Grain Dealers Association Convention

A uniform accounting system for farmer elevators has been developed at the North Dakota Grain Deallers Association Convention Meeting. The focus on this problem shows that there has to be a real necessity. The Association was active in establishing a uniform system in other documents of Association.

Event Contact
Address: Fargo Holiday Inn, Fargo
Phone: TBC
1. Agriculture & Forestry 2. Medical & Pharma 3. Business Services 4. Environment & Waste
The North Dakota Grain Dealers Association was founded in 1911 in the North Dakota region of the United States, and was renamed in 1995 and provides customers with upgraded and quality grains. The organization's mission is to improve the quality of agriculture and to develop the country's agriculture and the economy. The organisation, through the proper research and research, has trained experts and farmers in its association who help to supply such quality materials. It also organises conferences and one of them is the annual conference and industry show.
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