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Internal Sales, Managing Director, Complaint Manager, Product Manager, Service Manager, and Quality Manager use the VDMA Conference Complaint Management platform. Professional complaint handling is now standard practise for businesses, including machine and plant manufacturers. Customers are able to maintain a long-term relationship with the company as a result of this. In exciting practical lectures at the VDMA conference Complaint Management, learn how new technologies and tools for complaints management can help you.

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Address: H+ Hotel Bad Soden, Bad Soden, Germany
Phone: TBC
1. Auto & Automotive 2. Building & Construction 3. Agriculture & Forestry 4. Medical & Pharma 5. Industrial Engineering 6. Telecommunication 7. Science & Research 8. Business Services
The VDMA (Mechanical Engineering Industry Association) is Europe's largest industrial association, representing over 3300 primarily medium-sized capital goods companies. The association represents the mechanical engineering industry's common economic, technical, and scientific interests, particularly to national and international authorities and business circles. Members are entitled to information, advice, and assistance as part of this representation of interests. The mechanical engineering industry in Germany and Europe is a global leader: German companies are among the top three suppliers in 25 of 31 comparable sectors, with half of them even being world market leaders. With 1.3 million employees in Germany and about 4 million in Europe, the mechanical and plant engineering industry is the largest employer in the country. It develops and manufactures critical technologies for the global market.
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