NFU Women Conference

Farming is never a job for one woman – a successful operation takes a village. In addition to preparing participants for success in agriculture, this conference will provide participants with an own network of farming women and farmers that they are able to reach throughout the year.

Event Contact
Address: Holiday Inn Express Nashville-Downtown, Nashville, USA
Phone: TBC
1. Agriculture & Forestry 2. Education & Training 3. Animals & Pets
The Farmers Educational Cooperative of the United States in Point (Texas) was founded by 10 family farmers in 1902. NFU has been promoting increased rights of partnership, fair market access for farmers, direct election of senators, and voting rights for women since its establishment. These efforts also led to the adoption of the Federal Farm Loan Act, in which 12 Federal Land Banks were founded. In the defence of policy positions developed by the grassroots membership and adopted as official policy in our national convention, NFU has been working always to protect and improve the economic well-being and life quality for family farmers and fishermen, ranchers and rural communities. The National Farmers' Union assists family farmers in dealing with profitability and monopoly practises.
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