Next RaAM conference (hybrid)

The 15th RaAM Conference will be held in Poland in 2022. The theme is “The social impact of metaphor” and the call for papers can be found here. Its speakers include: Kathleen Ahrens (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University), Christian Burgers (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) and Veronika Koller (Lancaster University).

Event Contact
Address: University of Bialystok in Poland
Phone: TBC
Email: TBC
1. Agriculture & Forestry
Members of the Association for Researching and Applying Metaphor (RaAM) are invited to apply their knowledge of metaphor, metonymy and other kinds of figurative expression to 'real world' issues. RaAM members can study language, imagery, objects, sound, or practices as well as the contexts in which they use them.
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