Net Zero Conference 2021

As we focus on solving the climate crisis, our human family is focused on equality and the Black Lives Matter movement. Equality is a basic human right — to be free from fear, to be safe. To be alive. Dr. Ibram X. Kendi teaches that we all must actively work to build a world that is antiracist. There is no silent middle ground between racist and antiracist. Actions are either one or the other. The world depends on your actions to speak up when you see inequality and not stay silent, and to actively set policies that ensure systemic racism is stamped out. The time is now, there is no time to wait when people are suffering and dying.

The same is true for our planet’s natural environment — our mountains and forests, oceans and rivers, polar ice caps and archipelagos — do not have time for us to wait as we face a rapidly changing climate due to human actions. Humanity has disregarded and disrespected mother nature since the industrial revolution and with every minute we fail to take global action catastrophic consequences loom closer at hand. Humans have trouble comprehending global impact. Our brains can’t think that big. But thanks to filmmakers like Leonardo DiCaprio, we can get a sense of humanity’s global impact on the planet. Go watch Before the Flood if you haven’t seen it yet. The debate about climate change is history, and now it’s time to focus on action to solve the crisis we’ve created.

Event Contact
Address: Los Angeles
Phone: TBC
1. Building Commissioning 2. Energy Modeling 3. Daylight Modeling 4. WELL 5. CHPS & Fitwe
• Sustainability strategy to achieve net zero and zero carbon building performance. • Project management for building certifications like LEED, WELL, Fitwel, Living Building Challenge, and more. • Engineering services such as building commissioning, energy modeling, daylight modeling, & life cycle analysis. • Sustainable event production, covering: strategy, day-of support, post event metric reporting, and more.
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