Nctms Regional Conferences & Expositions

NCTM Regional Conferences provide mathematical educators across the country with dynamic, face-to-face networking and learning opportunities. Regional opportunities are an excellent way to engage your NCTM colleagues and offer students and new professionals ideal community-building events.

Event Contact
Address: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Phone: TBC
1. Science & Research 2. Business Services 3. Education & Training 4. Miscellaneous 5. Food & Beverages 6. IT & Technology 7. Apparel & Clothing 8. Fashion & Beauty
The National Board of Mathematical Teachers is a non-profit organisation set up to serve the members of the public and the stakeholders. It creates an environment to meet and share the views of the entire mathematician proposed on the improvement of learning and teaching mathematics. It provides all stakeholders with the chance to develop their mathematics in the highest quality. NCTM will address the various standards and practises on the teaching and assessment of content in school mathematics.It is the largest mathematical organisation with more than 90,000 members in the United States and in Canada and 230 affiliates. An annual meeting and exhibition is held every year together with three regional meetings.
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