National Ethanol Conference

I understand that everyone is busy and there are not enough hours a day, but it is a must year after year to make time for NEC. You are green, you are growing or you are mature and rusty. Our industry must remain focussed and committed to our own fate, and the NEC is a key platform for engaging with our fellow manufacturers and technology providers. I congratulate the RFA for its hard work on always having a fascinating event. We have the opportunity to connect with our clients and other industry leaders through an annual National Ethanol Conference.

Event Contact
Address: Hyatt Regency New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Phone: TBC
Power & Energy
In 2002, the Iowa Renewables Fuels Association (IRFA) became the state's renewable liquid fuels industry. In the process of promoting and developing state biofuels through training, promotion, and infrastructure development, IRFA brings together Iowa ethanol and bio-diesel producers. In the fields of renewable fuels and value-added co products, IRFA is committed to maintaining its leadership.
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