Multi Destination Fam Trip Event

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    9 Oct, 2021 - 12 Oct, 2021
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    2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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After many years of Fam trip & workshop organizations and a decade of experience in this field, we bring together Europe and Balkan Combined Country Tours with multi-destinations for you.Undoubtedly, these regions being the the capitals of world culture heritage, having a thousands of years of historical past, possess unique beauties that we are organizing a multi-destination fam trips to. You will definitely have a whole new experience on this program. While looking over the Asia from Europe, sipping on your coffee, gazing upon seagulls at the Bosphorus will be fast forwarded to enormous Acropolis of Athens in Greece. Onto the unique natural beauty of Balkans and crystal clear rivers accompanied by a warm welcoming hospitality. Europe and balkans fam trip
Europe and balkans combined tours

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1.offer tours 2. hotel bookings 3.transportation within Turkey and to neighbouring Islands.
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