Modern Language Association Annual Convention

The Modern Language Association Annual Convention serves as a clearinghouse for professional resources for teachers and scholars, as well as a leading advocate for the study and teaching of languages and literatures. Find out more about the MLA’s mission and governance, as well as how to contact us, in the sections below.

Event Contact
Address: Washington DC
Phone: TBC
1. Business Services 2. Education & Training 3. Medical & Pharma
In 1973, the company was founded. The Modern Language Association of America is a non-profit organisation dedicated to increasing access to liberal arts and higher education opportunities. The Modern Language Association of America's goals are to allow its members to share their teaching experiences with their peers and to discuss academic trends. MLA has 30000 members in 100 countries and holds an annual convention with meetings and smaller seminars across the country. Members of the MLA are divided into 136 divisions based on their teaching interests, as well as 47 membership committees. The Modern Language Association has a robust book publishing programme that focuses on language and literature, as well as issues that affect professional practise in those fields.
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