Mississippi Valley Trade & Transport Conference

The World Conference on Trade and Transport aims to promote trade and freight transport across the whole river of Mississippi. It will comprise the members of the manufacturing, handling, selling and distribution companies, including aggregates; cement, coal, coke, fertilising materials, grain, industrial minerals, raw products, and steel, for several million tonnes of goods.

Event Contact
Address: The Westin New Orleans, USA
Phone: TBC
Email: lmcgoey@mvttc.com
Logistics & Transportation
Established in 1982 and one of the busiest shipping centres worldwide, the Mississippi Valley Trade & Transport Board (MVTT C) is based in New Orleans. Every year hundreds of millions of tonnes of commodities, among which are: aggregates, cement, coal, coke, fertilisers, grain, industrial minerals, commodities and steel are produced, manufactured, distributed and sold by our Member companies.
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