MIA International Accountants Conference

“The Largest Gathering of Accountants in a Single Event” by the Malaysia Book of Record”
In today’s disruptive world impacted by COVID-19, digitalisation, climate crisis, and sustainability is taking on many different shades of meaning. The expertise of accountants and their adherence to professional and ethical codes make them frontliners in upholding business sustainability and climate sustainability, for good governance and the public interest. At the same time, accountants must also master digital technologies to ensure that the profession remains relevant and sustainable in this digital dominated economy. The MIA Conference 2021 aims to equip accountants with the requisite knowledge of business sustainability, climate sustainability and digital sustainability for future relevance of the profession. Armed with the insights shared by sought-after business leaders from across the globe, accountants will be more agile, more resilient and ready to navigate this disruptive and volatile world when boundaries and borders open up once again.

Event Contact
Address: TBC
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Email: miaconference@mia.org.my
1. Accountancy
Established under the Accountants Act 1967, MIA is the national accountancy body that regulates, develops, supports and enhances the integrity, status and interests of the profession in Malaysia. MIA accords the Chartered Accountant Malaysia or C.A. (M) designation to a professional in accountancy, business and finance with a recognised qualification and relevant work experience.Working closely alongside businesses, MIA connects its membership to a wide range of information resources, events, professional development and networking opportunities. Presently, there are 37,235 members making their strides in businesses across all industries in Malaysia and around the world.MIA’s international outlook and connections are reflected in its membership of regional and international professional organisations such as the ASEAN Federation of Accountants (AFA), and the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC).
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