You’ll need to add a new strategy to your business plan if you’re ready to start forming strategic partnerships with senior executives at the companies you do business with. “Looking forward to next year,” Southern Air President Paul Denham recently wrote to us. Today, Marley came to our office to train all of my service managers. Last week, LG provided high-level service support for a multi-site project we’re working on. Without the relationships formed through MX this year, I would not have had access to this level of support.”

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Address: Lodges at Deer Valley, Park City, USA
Phone: TBC
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VerticalXchange (VX) is a strategic partnership broker for global industry leaders and companies aspiring to be leaders in their fields. Our research-based model allows senior executives from a variety of industries to form game-changing strategic partnerships with solution providers based on their unique needs, challenges, business model, and culture. Solution providers, technology companies, consultants, and others can use this process to find ideal partners with long-term strategic vision and value.
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