MAHC Annual Conference

The MAHC Annual Conference, which will be held in New Orleans this summer, will be the most instructive Cooperative Housing event of the year. MAHC is now known as the national leader in housing cooperative training, education, and support services because to the dedication of our members. This year’s Annual Conference features a diverse range of continuous educational opportunities.

Event Contact
Address: Hilton New Orleans Riverside, New Orleans, USA
Phone: TBC
Building & Construction
Housing cooperatives were becoming popular choices in the early 19601s primarily as a result of FHA mortgage insurance programs. Michigan was rapidly expanding its housing base with the development of cooperatives under Section 213 of the National Housing Act. The Foundation for Cooperative Housing (FCH) was the recognized leader in the development of housing cooperatives in Michigan and by 1963 had a number of housing cooperatives in Michigan in various stages of development. A meeting was held at the Book Cadillac Hotel in Detroit to discuss forming an association of housing cooperatives. Members from 13 or 14 housing cooperatives attended the meeting. While many of the cooperatives had not yet reached final endorsement there were numerous concerns and unanswered questions regarding the future of the properties and their governance. It was decided that they would not establish a formal organization at that time, however they would begin publishing a newsletter. The newsletter contained articles regarding the operations of housing cooperatives, including many tips on the do’s and don’ts for Board Members.
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