London job fair

The London Job Fair attracts all types of international schools around the world – including British, US and IB schools – and is therefore suitable for a large number of teachers, in every field and at all levels. It attracts a large number of schools and applicants.

Event Contact
Address: The Bailey’s Hotel London, London, UK
Phone: TBC
1. Education & Training 2. Business Services
Search Associates is an international education organisation that has been active in the field since its establishment in 1990. It has been founded by John F. Magagna, a leading organisation. It has been created to meet the growing demands and needs of all its members' schools. It also helps them significantly improve their commercial opportunities and ideas. The company is one of the leading companies of its kind and offers all its clients and customers comprehensive solutions and services. It helps and guides the international education institutions in the search for the best teaching and administrative skills.
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