Kuala Lumpur International Aerospace Business Convention

In 1997, the first national aerospace blueprint was launched. 17 years later, Malaysia not only has an internationally recognized aerospace industry, but also attained a respected position amongst the South East Asia countries. Malaysia occupies the 2nd place after Singapore, a few figures in the following key areas: Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) – 20% of South East Asia market capture Aerospace Parts and Components Manufacturing – 24% market capture in South East Asia Aerospace Training and Education – N° 1 by producing 54% skilled workers and engineers in the region With a strong national-level Steering Body driving the industry agenda, Malaysia now has: An industry-led R&T platform A larger vendor base to serve the 1st Tier A platform to benefit the Military MRO players as the nation develop the defense sector Multiple strategic investments in “systems integration” A few aerospace technology institutes certified as DCA Part-145 Approved Training Organization Special cluster to house the various industry activites

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Address: France
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Email: azman@matrade.gov.my
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