ISSR&D Conference – Virtual

The theme for this year’s conference is “Challenge. Partnership. Transformation.” This past year has definitely been a year filled with challenges. To overcome challenges, we must work together, and this year’s theme is about partnering to achieve the transformation needed to address the many challenges we face today—both here on Earth and as we advance our exploration goals to the Moon and beyond.

Like last year, this year’s conference will be virtual and will be held August 3-5, 2021. We look forward to providing you once again with exciting and relevant content!

Event Contact
Address: Kennedy Space Center, FL
Phone: TBC
1. Space Research 2. Technology Development 3. Payload Integration 4. STEM Education 5. Research and Development 6. Life Sciences 7. Physical Sciences 8.Remote Sensing
We manage the International Space Station National Laboratory as a public service in order to benefit the U.S. taxpayer and to foster a scalable and sustainable low Earth orbit economy. We leverage our core competencies, facilitate public-private partnerships, and utilize the platform capabilities and unique operating environment of the space station. We create demand, incubate in-space business ventures, provide access for and awareness of fundamental science and technological innovation, and promote science literacy of the future workforce.
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