International Symposium Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

The International Symposium Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine will focus on the subjects from the role of cells in basic biology and therapy through to disease modelling and clinical translation of cell treatment. Join us for this exciting three-day conference and listen to world leaders in stem cell research.

Event Contact
Address: Shanghai, China
Phone: TBC
1. Medical & Pharma 2. Packing & Packaging 3. Science & Research 4. Business Services 5. Education & Training
This is an independent non-for-profit organisation established in 2002. International Society for Stem Cell Research. It aims to promote the exchange of knowledge in the area of stem cell research and its relevance and support for specialised and communal education. Elaine Fuchs is the president of the ISSCR. Deerfield Illinois USA is the headquarters of this company. The organisation known as ISSCR also has a turnover of approximately 4,40000 USD per year. The organisation plans its annual meetings, called the ISSCR Annual Meeting, to be held in various European countries. In addition, they also organise general public conferences like The Stem Cell Pledge to the Clinic. The lectures that this association organises are of excellent quality and offer a great insight into the discipline.
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