International Symposium on Spatial Media

Spatial media allow observers to experience a scene or 3-space using human perceptual mechanisms that conventional “flat” media can not stimulate. With the advent of more immersive reproduction systems, spatial media have become even more engaging, and are worth investigating via conferences dedicated specifically to the deployment and refinement of such technologies. ISSM assembles some experts in interactive multimedia and virtual and mixed reality (including related areas of grid computing, image processing, and music): engineers and scientists who are exploring artificial spaces exploiting the use of graphics, sound, and haptic interfaces in communication, both in computer-human domains as well as in broader interpretations. The focus is in interactive multimedia and virtual reality, softened with a more basic exploration of graphics, sound, and tactile/haptic stimuli as evocative media.

Event Contact
Address: University of Aizu, Fukushima, Japan
Phone: TBC
1.Education & Training, 2.IT & Technology, 3.Entertainment & Media
The University of Aizu has introduced a curriculum in 5 fields (specialized areas). "I want to know the basic principles of computers", "I want to design computers", "I want to know how the Internet works", "I'm interested in robots and medical fields", "I want to develop large-scale systems", etc. Each field responds to your curiosity. This makes it possible to build a unique curriculum that suits each person's interests and future course, which directly leads to the realization of the desired course.
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