International Riversymposium

We invite you to join us on our journey to celebrate and transform our rivers in order to ensure that they will be there for future generations. Global changes, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, have accelerated the need for a paradigm shift and/or movement: from healthy rivers to resilient rivers. The interdependence of environmental, social, and economic outcomes can make the road to resilience a difficult one. We can only achieve resilient rivers, resilient communities, and resilient economies by harnessing the transformative power of partnerships. The International RiverFoundation, which works in partnerships around the world to facilitate the sustainable management of the world’s rivers, organises the International RiverSymposium.

Event Contact
Address: Brisbane, Australia
Phone: TBC
1. Science & Research 2. Business Services 3. Environment & Waste
The International RiverFoundation works to restore, protect, and manage the world's rivers in a sustainable manner. Water is essential for all life, and for long-term development, we need healthy rivers, lakes, and wetlands. By facilitating knowledge sharing, education, and best practise river basin management, as well as recognising and rewarding those who make a difference, we promote and support effective management of these resources. We promote an integrated approach to river basin management and work to revitalise the world's rivers through global multi-sector partnerships. Through our programmes, which have a life-changing impact on individuals and communities all over the world, we are dedicated to achieving positive ecological, economic, and social outcomes.
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