International Congress on Ad-Hoc Networks

The International Congress on Ad-Hoc Networks 2022 (ICAHN 2022) is a part of the International Congress 2022 which is scheduled to happen from 11 August 2022 to 12 August 2022 at Hong Kong both Physically and Virtually. The purpose of ICAHN 2022 is to bring together researchers, mathematicians, engineers, and practitioners interested in various aspects related to information and communication.

Event Contact
Address: Hong Kong
Phone: TBC
1. Electric & Electronics, Industrial Engineering, Telecommunication, Science & Research, Education & Training, Miscellaneous, Power & Energy, Security & Defense
IntCongress used to happen bi-annually since 2014. With the outgrown pandemic the edition 2021 will be hosted in Hong Kong. International Congress 2022 is an exclusive event of the Association of Scientists, Developers and Faculties. It will host 44 conferences simultaneously.
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