International Conference on Wearables, Sports and Lifestyle Management

WSLM intends to present and demonstrate new research on products, services and the broad field of lifestyle and management for sport and leisure activities at WSLM. In order to share and explore new areas of entrepreneurship within the new economy, the conference will bring together developers, users, professionals and researchers in this field.

Event Contact
Address: Fontaine Blanche Hotel, Kunming, China
Phone: TBC
1. Telecommunication 2. Business Services 3. Education & Training 4. IT & Technology
The Interscience Research Network is a body to promote interdisciplinary research among professional, scholars and researchers. This organization organizes various workshops, seminars and conferences on various subjects time to time through out the year. This gives opportunity to researchers to discuss their research topics at the conference, share their research findings, fine tune their research output with existing literature and ongoing research efforts in the field by others. It also helps in getting input for improvements and in identifying issues for future research.
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