International Conference On Social Science And Humanities – (ICSSH-22)

ICSSH will be held in Ottawa, Canada during 10th October-11th October 2022. Main focus of conference is to improve the translation of leading edge discovery at research level. Conference program relies on a wide range of challenges and issues in the field of which will be weaved through the Plenary Speakers.

Event Contact
Address: Sheraton Ottawa Hotel, Canada
Phone: TBC
1. Science & Research 2. Business Services 3. Education & Training 4. Environment & Waste 5. Banking & Finance 6. IT & Technology
World Research Forum since emergence of science has always been in need of excellent colloque where pioneers of science can exchange their knowledge and innovation. Cutting edge technology expands with rigorous interaction and sharing of knowledge and experience. WRF conferences are hosted every year on emerging scopes on science and technology and are proved to be epicenter of congress of scientist and scholars with their though provoking talks on current technology.
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