International Conference on Nursing Practice & Research

The International Conference on Nursing Practice & Research is going to commence from 20th July 2022 at Chicago. The goals of the conference is to provide a transformative professional Development experience through bringing together the world’s scientific experts. It anticipates more than 500 participants around the world with thought provoking Keynote lectures, Oral talks and Poster presentations.

Event Contact
Address: Chicago, USA
Phone: TBC
1. Business Services 2. Science & Research 3. Education & Training 4. Environment & Waste 5. Banking & Finance 6. IT & Technology"
International Institute for Technology Education and Research(IITER) is India's largest Non-profitable professional association registered under India Trust Act(1882) meant for research development and promotion in the field of engineering and technology. The Institute conduct technical conferences, seminars and workshop at different parts of country to reduce gap between curriculum and practical implementation among students and research scholars. Today IITER is one of the leading publisher of research papers in its high quality peer reviewed journals, proceeding and research magazine.
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