International Conference On Nano Research And Development

ICNRD invites leading scientists, researchers, engineers, practitioners, technology developers, industrials and policy makers to exchange information on their latest research progress and innovation, network, find new partners, understand the current state of the art in nanotechnology.

Event Contact
Address: Osaka, Japan
Phone: TBC
1. Science & Research
The International Science and Technology Conference Institute (ISTCI) was formed with the goal of connecting professionals who work in science and technology in an unlimited way.At ISTCI, we think that there are always sparks and inspirations when people meet together.ISTCI is a company that specialises in sponsoring, organising, planning, and executing high-end international advanced science and technology conferences and exhibitions.Biotech, pharmaceuticals, energy, materials, artificial intelligence, information technology, health, trade, economics, and finance are among the topics covered by ISTCI.ISTCI strives to provide an outstanding experience for all of its clients, including international corporations.
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