International Conference on Management & Business Practices

Eurasian Network for Academic Research (ENAR) is hosting International Conference on Management & Business Practices (ICMBP-2022) which will be held in Cannes (France) on August 8, 2022. The conference focus on innovative ideas and on societal challenges through academic research.

Event Contact
Address: TBC
Phone: TBC
1. Education Research Association 2. Social Science 3. Humanities Research Association 4. Business, Economics, Law, Language & Psychology 5. Scientific & Technical Research Association 6. Healthcare & Biological Sciences 7. Research Association
A national research and education network (NREN) is a specialised internet service provider dedicated to supporting the needs of such communities within a country. It is usually distinguished by support for a high-speed backbone network, often offering dedicated channels for individual research projects. In recent years NRENs have developed many 'above the net' services, such as National Identity federations, many of which are represented in REFED.
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