International Conference on Green Communications, Computing and Technologies

The Sixth International Conference on Green Communications, Computing and Technologies taking place in Athens, Greece starting November, 2021. Green-awarness Green-aware engineering methodologies Green and sustainable computing Green computing and communication technologies Data–aware greed computing Energy-efficient computing and supercomputing Intelligent signal processing for Green communications Green cloud computing Green computing and Internet of Things (IoT). Green technologies and services Smart Sensing, Metering Systems, Smart Cities Green Vehicles, Green Homes, Green Buildings Green Industrial Automation and Control Green Intelligent Transport Systems Green Technologies for Mobile, Wireless, Wired Industrial Networking Green Data Storage, Data Centers Privacy, Safety, and Security in Green-aware Services Energy-constrained and Power-constrained Devices, Gateways and Systems Green Standardizations and Benchmarks for ICT Metrics for Sustainability and their Validation Ecosystem Modeling.

Event Contact
Address: NOVOTEL Athenes Hotel 4-8 Michail Voda str. 104 39 Athens - Greece
Phone: TBC
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