International Conference on Engineering & Technology

ICET aims towards achieving excellence in the cutting edge of all the scholars from all the disciplines and tries to bridge the gap between their derived thoughts. Our main goal lies in integrating the intersection of intelligent, differentiated mind-sets into a single platform which best utilizes their potential in the various disciplines and sector of Engineering. To be held Aug17- 02 22 at Capetown, South Africa and organized by Research Plus.

Event Contact
Address: Capetown, South Africa
Phone: TBC
1. Business Services 2. Science & Research 3. Education & Training 4. Environment & Waste 5. Banking & Finance 6. IT & Technology"
Renaissance in the pioneer of technology is what we do and what defines us is the milestones we have set for ourselves. The RESEARCH PLUS-forum constitutes of professional wizards and overseas technocrats who have left milestones for themselves in the field of science, engineering and technology. The institute is supported by its International Advisory Board(IAB) which is not limited to the subcontinent rather we have geniuses from middle east to boost our organization.
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