International Conference on Computer, Control and Robotics

There is continuous connection between computer science, control technology and robotics. The computers and cyberphysical systems are humanised and developed to act on the physical world. Control technologies provide robot creators with basic tools to identify strategy and to optimise the robotic company’s objectives. Robotics are versatile computer machines, including increasing the safety of transport, reducing the use of agricultural pesticides, and improving public safety and crime prevention efficiency. ICCCR concentrates on the synergetic interaction of computer technologies, control techniques and robotic technology and offers all researchers an excellent platform for sharing the latest ideas. The mutual benefit enables new robotic systems to be built and developed, costs to be reduced and quality improved. May your time in Shanghai be excellent.

Event Contact
Address: Shanghai, China
Phone: TBC
1. Auto & Automotive 2. Building & Construction 3. Electric & Electronics 4. Agriculture & Forestry 5. Medical & Pharma 6. Packing & Packaging 7. Industrial Engineering 8. Telecommunication
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