International Conference on Big Data, Information and Computer

Alpitec is an event illustrating sports, fashion and lifestyling products such as brands in Asia. They cover the entire range of sports equipment and technologies in winter and are the gateway to the booming winter sports market in Asia, etc. Following the positive trend of the rapidly growing winter industry, this show continues to develop year after year.

Event Contact
Address: Harbin, China
Phone: TBC
1. Agriculture & Forestry 2. Medical & Pharma 3. Science & Research 4. Education & Training 5. Logistics & Transportation 6. Environment & Waste 7. IT & Technology 8. Arts & Crafts
The Bratislava College of Comenius was formed in 1919 and is Slovakia's oldest university. The main objective of the university is the promotion, dissemination and understanding of knowledge. As the oldest and most prominent University of the Slovak Republic, Comenius University particularly values its intellectually and universally based relations with the Slovak Nation while also laying the foundation for the wider international horizons that enrich itself and Slovakia.
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