International Conference on Advanced Materials, Intelligent Manufacturing and Automation

From January 14 to 16, 2022, Changsha is scheduled to host the fifth International Conference on Advanced Material and Inteligent Manufacturing and Automation (AMIMA 2022). The conference focuses primarily on research areas of Advertised Materials and Intelligent Manufacture and Automation, to provide experts and academics, engineers and technicians as well as technical developers with the aim of sharing research results and cutting-edge Technologies on advanced materials, intelligent manufacturing and automation. It aims to provide experts and scientists, engineers and technical developers with a platform to share research findings and advanced technologies, to understand the academic trends, to extend research ideas, to enhance academic research and discussions and to foster collaboration in the industrialization of the acade. The conference will be attended and attended by experts and scholars of domestic and international universities and institutions for research, companies and other related personnel.

Event Contact
Address: Changsha, China
Phone: TBC
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