Intercharge Network Conference

The intercharge network conference is the premier gathering of thought leaders and executives from the eMobility industry, as well as start-ups, associations, and government agencies from around the world. The year 2025 will be pivotal for the Electric Vehicle Charging Industry. We will achieve an unprecedented level of EV-based mobility around the world as a result of this. However, the entire EV ecosystem must collaborate to establish the 2025 vision of the EV Charging Market! eMobility 2025 embodies the ICNC21’s central theme: It allows us to see what steps need to be taken right now to achieve our goal of a mature EV Charging Market by 2025, one that is on the verge of mass adoption. For thought-leaders and executives from industry, start-ups, associations, and government agencies, the ICNC has become the global go-to event. In terms of mobility, an increasing number of cities are attempting to make the urban landscape more sustainable.

Event Contact
Address: RADIALSYSTEM V, Berlin, Germany
Phone: TBC
IT & Technology
We've been dedicated to innovating customer-friendly charging since our inception in 2012. We work to tip the scales in favour of zero-emission mobility by increasing the adoption of electric vehicles. Our cross-industry IT and business platform is a neutral and open environment that fosters the development of new business models and solutions. We collaborate with our partners to make electric mobility safe, accessible, and simple for everyone.
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