IFToMM DA-CH Conference

Germany, Austria and Switzerland have traditionally always played an active role at all levels of the research areas of the IFToMM. Mechanical engineering and microtechnology are core competencies in the industry in our three countries. The purpose of this conference is to make these activities more visible to the community of German-speaking scientists. In addition, the possibility of better networking and identification of cooperation projects in one’s own language area should be opened up.

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Email: gregor.kroschel@makro.uni-freiburg.de
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IFToMM was founded as the International Federation for the Theory of Mechanisms and Machines (TMM) in Zakopane, Poland on September 29, 1969. The main promoters of the IFToMM were Academician Ivan I. Artobolevski (USSR) and Prof. Erskine F.R. Crossley (USA), whose principal aim was to bypass the obstacles of the time of the Cold War.
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